Outcasts Brawl (Prototype) - 2020

'Almost every character from Outcasts in a fighting game, because why not?'

Outcasts Brawl is the second platformer fighting game I worked on, based on the indie RPG I was working on at the time, Outcasts.
It's rather bare bones in comparison to Gremlin Party, but in terms of gameplay it's superior in almost every way.
I was able to cram more content into the game by recycling sprites from the Outcasts RPG. 48x48 bitmap sprites take up less storage than high quality ones, which is partially why Gremlin Party ended up dying. Scratch does not like more than one high quality bitmap sprite being displayed at once.
The project was eventually canned due to lack of motivation and Outcasts being remade from the ground up, however I do have plans for a full version once Outcasts is completed...

Video Showcase
Note - This only shows a handful of the 24 characters available.


-Fast-paced, combo heavy gameplay compared to Gremlin Party.
-More characters, more fun.
-Once again programmed from the ground up by me, loosely based on Gremlin Party's code.
-Unique movesets with absolutely no recycled moves.
-Simpler UI and HUDs.


-No gamepad support, yet again.
-Incomplete movesets and settings. You can only use default controls.
-You can only KO from the bottom blast zone. Later versions allowed you to use top, side and bottom, but it was extremely buggy.
-Missing animations. Characters slide along the ground instead of walking.