Chu Chu Rocket! - 2021

'An almost one-to-one recreation of Chu Chu Rocket, a criminally underrated Dreamcast game.'

Chu Chu Rocket is a puzzle game released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999 (or 2000, I don't know.)
A close friend of mine decided to recreate it on Scratch, and eventually me and another friend tagged along to help out.
I assisted with some programming and some graphics, upscaling the game from 480p to 4k by using vector graphics.
Unfortunately we ended up cancelling the project in late January due to limitations with Scratch.

Video Showcase


-Almost identical to the Dreamcast version of the game.
-Beautiful, high-definition sprites and smooth animations.
-Simple to play, with several tweaks to make the game more accessible.


-Not an original idea, however Sega does encourage fan games and/or recreations.
-Only one puzzle, with one chu (mouse) compared to the roughly 20 that were present in the original version. Limitations meant we could only have one chu on screen at once, ruining everything as some puzzles require multiple chus.
-Slightly slower gameplay.