Outcasts - 2019-2020

'An 'average' day in the life of a group of social outcasts.'

Outcasts is a game about me and my friends getting up to mischief and trying desperately to fit in.
It was my first major RPG Maker project, but was canned in December 2020 after one year of development when Eggbox Games (our studio) was formed.
The final version of Outcasts will start development in summer, expanding the world and making the characters feel more human.
It's seen as a self-insert done right, similar to other media like Eddsworld, where the characters are animated counterparts of the people behind it.

Screenshot Showcase
Note - There is no video showcase as 2020's final punch in the face was my hard drive dying, an hour before new years. The hard drive contained every alpha version of Outcasts ever developed. I guess it's considered lost media now?


-Funny interactions between characters.
-A relatively large world to explore, with tons of quests.


-It's disappeared of the face of the earth.
-Slow, kinda boring battle system.
-Completely unbalanced level system.