Gremlin Party - 2019

'4 characters from my most popular games duke it out for literally no reason at all!'

Gremlin Party was supposed to be my final Scratch project, as well as a love letter to the Super Smash Bros series.
The game is essentially a Smash clone that pushed Scratch to it's limits, the latter contributing to it's inevitable demise.
Gremlin Party ended up becoming too big for Scratch to handle, to the point where it would crash Scratch itself or the user's web browser.
In late 2019, I cancelled the project entirely due to these issues. Modern Scratch can run it just fine as of writing this. Although there isn't much to do, it's still fun, and I'm extremely proud of it. It was my first time making a game this big, and my first time making a fighting game, and I think I did a pretty good job, especially for a game made using Scratch.

Video Showcase
Note - This only shows one of four characters in action.


-Characters are floaty, so it's easier to control.
-High quality sprites (each character's animations took a long time to make).
-Programmed from the ground up by me, with absolutely no help.
-Unique, cartoony presentation that's relatively faithful to the styles of the original games that the characters + stages were based on.
-Lots of customisation, from control schemes to audio settings to graphical settings too, so low-end computers can run the game a lot better.


-No gamepad support.
-Compared to Smash Bros, some moves are missing (tilt and dash attacks).
-Sometimes unbearable load times.
-No local multiplayer, only one mode - Training.