Unfair Tetris - 2015

'A simple game of Tetris that 100% will not make you question your sanity.'

After messing with some Tetris code, I accidentally created the worst game of Tetris ever made by any human, ever.
The game spawns two pieces at once, but only shows the player one of them.
Somehow people ended up enjoying this as it was some kind of challenge to them. I personally can't stand more than one game as it drives me insane, but to each their own I guess.

Video Showcase
Note - My recording software didn't pick up the audio.


-The game is VERY challenging, but mainly luck-based.
-Faithful graphics inspired by the NES version of Tetris.


-It's brutally unfair at times, and can leave people feeling very unsatisfied.
-It was completely unintentional. I spaghetti coded the game and it ended up like this.